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Notification Rules


Notification Rules give users the flexibility to be alerted via different channels when configured conditions are met. With Notification Rules you can configure:

  • Time based conditions to match
  • Time between notification channels
  • Repeat notification cycles

Notification Rules are available on our Pro pricing plan. To get setup, make sure to follow the integration guide.

Example - Phone Notifications After Business Hours

Consider the following real-world example:

  1. A user would like to be notified via Slack during business hours and have this cycle repeat up to 2 more times, until acknowledged.
  2. During any other time (ex: while sleeping), they should be notified via SMS, then 1 minute later receive a voice notification. This cycle should repeat up to 2 more times, until acknowledged.

To configure notification rules:

  1. Create a router of type Notification Rules. Use the following as the notification rule code:
  2. Click your name in the upper left-hand corner. Click Preferences Link
  3. Double click the Notification Rules section. Click Notification Rules Section
  4. Select the notification rules you’d like to use. Select the Notification Rules To Use
  5. Click Save.

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