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Maintenance Windows


Today, we are excited to announce PagerTree now officially supports maintenance windows! Long overdue (technically from our 2019 roadmap), with maintenance windows it’s now easier than ever to suppress alerts from integrations during specific time periods.

Maintenance Windows are available on our Pro and Elite pricing plans. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for a free-trial now.

Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Window Features:

  • Easily set a start/end date & time for when alerts should be suppressed
  • Specify all or specific integrations the maintenance window affects
  • Easily enable/disable/delete the maintenance window when complete

Easy to Setup

Configuring Maintenance Windows is easy!

  1. Navigate to the Maintenances page. Maintenance Link From the Nav Bar
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click the Create Maintenance Window button. Create Maintenance Window Button
  3. Provide a name, start & end date, and the affected integrations.
  4. Click Save. Create Maintenance Window Form

Easy to Change

In the future if you ever need to update, disable, or delete the maintenance window:

  1. Navigate to the Maintenances page.
  2. Next to any of the maintenace windows click the edit button. (Alternatively you could click the delete button to delete it entirely) Click Edit Button Next To Maintenance Window
  3. Modify any of the attributes.
  4. Click Save button.

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