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Schedule Rotations


Today, we are excited to announce PagerTree now officially supports schedule rotations! A long awaited feature and requested by many customers, with schedule rotations it’s now easier than ever to schedule a list (or “rotation”) of people for full coverage support.

Schedule rotations are available on our Pro and Elite pricing plans and are technically a subset of our “recurring schedules” feature. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for a free-trial now.

Schedule Rotations

Schedule Rotation Features:

  • Easily schedule a list of users that should “rotate” through the calendar
  • Select a custom frequency for the rotation
  • Easily edit/clone/delete an entire rotation

Easy to Setup

Configuring rotations is easy!

  1. Navigate to the team page you would like to configure a rotation for. Navigate to Team Page
  2. On the calendar, use the cross hairs to select a date range for the length of the initial event. Select Calendar Date Range
  3. Configure the event:
    1. Enable the rotation flag.
    2. Select the users that should be a part of the rotation.
    3. Edit the Rotate Every section, to be the length of your event
    4. Click Save Configure Rotation Event

Voila! Just like that you have a “rotating” schedule.

Rotating Schedule

Easy to Change

In the future if you ever need to update, clone, or delete the rotation:

  1. Double click any of the rotation events.
  2. Select Series. Select Series
  3. Select the action you would like to perform. Select action you would like to perform
  4. Modify any of the attributes. (This could be layer, rotation order, frequency, ect.)
  5. Click Save button.

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