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Administrators Guide

In this administrators guide, we’ll cover the important concepts that will build a foundation for your understanding of how PagerTree works. We’ll also provide you with the resources you need for successfully onboarding your team to PagerTree.

Quick Start Video

If you haven’t already, please watch the 6 minute quick start video. It will answer many questions you might have.

User Permissions

In PagerTree there are 2 permission levels, Administrator and Non-Administrator. Their abilities are outlined in the following table.

Object AdministratorNon-Administrator
Usersview, add, edit, delete, inviteview, edit themselves only
Teamsview, add, edit, deleteview
Integrationsview, add, edit, deleteview
Schedulesview, editview
Maintenance Windowsview, add, edit, deleteview
Stakeholdersview, add, edit, deleteview
Routersview, add, edit, deleteview
Automationsview, add, edit, delete, runview, run

In addition to the above there are special permissions, namely:

  • Billing Administrator - ability to view, add, update billing information and subscription
  • Broadcast - ability to create broadcasts

User Onboard Flow

Most of the user on-boarding experience is automated. As an administrator there are several options to onboard your team.

  • Flow #1 - Admin Creates User - Works best for small teams (up to 10 users)
  • Flow #2 - Invite Link - Works best for medium teams (between 10-50 users)
  • Flow #3 - Mass Import - Works best for large teams (51+ users)
Note It's imperitive that users click the invite link in the e-mail! Only by using the invite link can they join your account.

User Onboarding Workflow

Invite Email

hint It would be a good idea to tell your security team and users to expect an invite email from PagerTree before adding them to PagerTree.

If a user receives an invite email, the email will have the following properties:

  • From: [email protected]
  • Subject: 🌴 Join [Company Name] on PagerTree
  • Mailed-By:
  • Signed-By:
  • Security: TLS

Invite Email Signature

The email will look like this:

Invite Email

Materials for Users

This is a shortlist of items you can distribute to your users.

  • Bypass Do Not Disturb Settings - Have users follow this documentation to bypass “Do Not Disturb” mode on the Android or iPhone.
  • Important Numbers - PagerTree uses various numbers for sending sms and voice notifications. Download the PagerTree vCard to create a phone contact for PagerTree.

Download the PagerTree vCard

Important Concepts

The following are important concepts that will build a foundation for your understanding of how PagerTree works.

Alert Workflow

As a reference, the diagram below shows the high level workflow for alerts and how they move within the PagerTree system.

High Level Alert Workflow

Check out the following video, for a more in-depth explaination of the above diagram.

Schedules and Escalation Rules

This 4 minute video that explains how to create, edit, and delete on-call events. It also explains how escalation rules work.

Managing A Team

This 3 minute video will show you how to add and remove team members. It will also show you how to set handoff, drop, and stakeholder notifications for a team.


Broadcasts are a great way to send mass messages to groups of people without triggering the alert workflow. This 3 minute video will show you the two types of broadcasts you can create.

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