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Email Integration Guide

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--- 1 minute One-Way ---

Email Integration

Functionality of Integration

The Email integration is one-way, meaning:

  • When an email is received, an alert is created in PagerTree automatically.

Tutorial Overview

In this integration tutorial we will show you how to create an email integration PagerTree. The estimated time for this integration is 1 minute. We assume that you already have a PagerTree account setup.

In PagerTree

  1. From the integrations page, click the New Integration” button Click Create Integration Button
  2. Click the logo of the Type of integration you want to create
  3. In the “Create Integration” form, fill out the following:
    1. Name of the Integration.
    2. Select an appropriate Urgency for when this integration is triggered
    3. Select the Team this alert will be assigned to
    4. Any additional options requested by the integration
  4. Click Create
  5. Copy the Endpoint URL Copy Endpoint URL

Test the Integration

  1. In any email client, compose a new email
  2. In the email, enter in the following:
    1. To - Paste the PagerTree Endpoint URL you copied
    2. Subject - Something descriptive
    3. Body - Some more details on the issue
  3. Click Send Compose and send the email

You have successfully completed the Email Integration. Now when the email address receives and email, PagerTree will create an alert and route it to the correct team member that is on-call. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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