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Zapier Integration Guide

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Zapier Integration

Zapier connects the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. Zapier offers 1000+ apps and easy integrations.

How Zapier users benefit from PagerTree

Zapier users can connect virtually any app to PagerTree to create incidents, broadcasts, or users based on Zapier triggers. Additionally the PagerTree Zapier app can be used as a trigger itself.

Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial we will show you how to create an example zap. The example zap, will trigger a PagerTree Incident when an issue is created in our Github repo.

The PagerTree Zapier App is still in beta mode, so you will have to claim the beta invitation.

In Zapier

  1. Claim the invite by clicking the Accept Invite & Build a Zap Accept Invite & Build a Zap
  2. Click the Make a New Zap button Click Make a New Zap Button
  3. Create a Trigger
    1. On the Choose a Trigger App, search for “github”, then Select GitHub Select GitHub as Trigger App
    2. Select New Issue and then click Save + Continue
    3. Click Connect an Account to Authorize Zapier to connect to your GitHub account, then click Save + Continue
    4. On the Set up GitHub Issue page, select the repo that will be monitored, then click Continue Select GitHub Repo
    5. On the Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap screen, select the first radio button and then click Continue Pick a Sample (GitHub)
  4. Create an Action
    1. Click the Your Zap currently lacks and Action step. Add one now! link Click Create Action Link
    2. On the Choose an Action App, search for “pagertree”, then Select PagerTree Click Create Action Link
    3. On the Select PagerTree action, select Create Incident then Save + Continue Select Create Incident Action
    4. Connect your PagerTree account by clicking Connect an Account and then providing your PagerTree username and password. Click the test button to test the connection to PagerTree is successful. If the test was successful click the Save button. Authenticate PagerTree
    5. Using the trigger data, we will then map some fields to customize the incident to be created. Click Continue. Map Incident Fields
    6. (Optional) Test the creation of the incident, by clicking Send Test to PagerTree. If all was configured correctly, you should see an incident on the incidents page within PagerTree.
    7. Click Finish

You have successfully completed the Zapier Integration. Using the Zapier Integration, you can connect PagerTree to limitless apps. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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