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Integrations allow you to connect PagerTree to other third-party tools. Integrations create alerts and assign them to a team.

For a full list of our supported integration, please see the integrations page


permissions This section requires Administrator permissions.

Create An Integration

  1. From the action button, click the “Create Integration” button. Click Create Integration Button
  2. Supply the following information
    • Name - A descriptive name
    • Type - The integration type. See all possible integrations.
    • Urgency - The urgency of the alert when created by this integration.
    • Destination Team - The destination team alerts will be assigned to when created by this integration.
  3. Click Create button. Create Integration Form

Update An Integration

  1. Navigate to the integration page you would like to edit.
  2. Double click the name, type, destination, or urgency. Double Click to Edit
  3. Modify the attribute.
  4. Click the Save button. Modify Attribute and Click Save

Delete An Integration

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Click the trashcan button next to the integration you wish to delete. Click Trashcan Button
  3. Click the yes button to confirm you would actually like to delete this integration. Confirm Delete

Enable or Disable An Integration

  1. Navigate to the integration page you would like to enable or disable.
  2. Toggle the Enabled switch. Toggle Enabled Switch

Integration Options

Additionally you can configure integration options on an integration. Each integration supports customizing the alert title and description using Handlebars substition and the data or integration properties.

Additionally use any handlebars-helpers to support any logic. Use JSON dot notation selection to access deeply nested data (ex: data.alarm.region). If you are unsure of the data being received by your integration, make sure to check the logs.

  1. Navigate to the options section Options Section
  2. Double click the Title Template or Description Template to edit. Double Click to Edit Template
  3. Edit the template to your liking, using handlebars-helpers as needed using the data. Edit Template

Integration Rules

pricing Integration Rules require the Pro pricing plan.

Integration Rules allow integrations to dynamically route incoming alerts.

To configure integration rules:

  1. Create a router of type Routing Rules.
  2. Navigate to the integration page you would like to attach the rules to.
  3. Double click the Destination section. Click Destination Section
  4. Select the routing rules you’d like to use. Select the Routing Rules To Use
  5. Click Save.
Note When rules are evaluated by the router, they will be evaluated in order. Only the first matching rule will be used.


  1. Navigate to the integration page you would like to see the logs of.
  2. On the right hand side, navigate to the logs tab. Click any log id to inspect the contents. Integration Logs Table
  3. Check the Content section for the JSON of what was received.
    • body - This is what your application sent.
    • status - Is the response code PagerTree sent back Integration Log


If you have any questions setting up an integration, make sure to check the logs to make sure PagerTree is actually receiving data from your third-party application. If PagerTree is receiving data, double check that you followed the documentation correctly. If you are still having issues, feel free to reach out to and we’ll help you with setting up your integration.

Live Call Routing

Live Call Routing is a feature that can route incoming calls to a user that is on-call for a specific team. Live Call Routing is only available in our Elite pricing plan and can be configured using our Twilio Integration.

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