Notifications represent a message that is sent to a user via a channel (push, email, sms, voice or slack). Notifications are generated by PagerTree alerts, broadcasts, pages, and the PagerTree system. Notifications cannot be manually created.

SMS and Voice Phone Numbers

PagerTree uses the following numbers for sending sms and voice notifications:

  • +1 (817) 592-8301
  • +1 (817) 539-6888
  • +1 (817) 592-6665

Download the PagerTree vCard

Notification Details

Each notification can be traced to a source. Details of a notification can be found on the notification page. To find these details click on any notification id (ex: Alert page, notifications tab).

Alert Notifications Tab

On the notification page you’ll see severall key peices of information.

  1. To/From - The To/From address this notification was sent to
  2. Channel - Push, Email, SMS, Voice, Slack
  3. Provider - The provider PagerTree used to send this notification
  4. Status - The PagerTree Status of the notification
  5. Provider Status - The provider status of the notification
  6. User - The user this was sent to
  7. Souce - The source that generated this notification
  8. Sent/Delivered - The date this was sent / delivered

Notification Key Info

Applicable Notification Channels

The voice channel is only applicable to alert messages that are generated by the alert workflow. All other channels are applicable for other notifications.

Alert Type PushEmailSMSVoiceSlack
Alert Acknowledged
Alert Rejected
Alert Resolved
Alert Timeout
Alert Dropped
Direct Page
Going On-Call

Bypass Do Not Disturb

Bypassing do not disturb is a powerful feature to receive push, sms, and voice notifciations even when your phone has do not disturb mode turned on.

Download the PagerTree vCard

Download the PagerTree vCard to create a phone contact for PagerTree, then follow the instructions below for Android or iPhone


Android Contact

  1. Star the PagerTree Contact
    1. Open the Contacts App
    2. Tap the PagerTree contact
    3. Star the PagerTree contact Tap Settings
  2. Enable Starred Contacts to Bypass DnD
    1. Tap Settings Tap Settings
    2. Tap Notifications Tap Notifications
    3. Tap Do not disturb Tap Do not disturb
    4. Tap Allow exceptions Tap Allow exceptions
    5. For Calls from and Messages from select Favorite contacts only Select allow Calls and Messages from favorite contacts only

Android App

  1. Tap Settings Tap Settings
  2. Tap Notifications Tap Notifications
  3. Tap the PagerTree App Tap PagerTree App
  4. Tap the Alert Channel that needs to be customized Tap the Alert Channel we want to configure
  5. Toggle the Ignore Do not disturb setting to on Toggle DnD to On


iPhone Contact

  1. Download the PagerTree vCard.
  2. Launch the contacts app, find the PagerTree contact, and tap Edit. Edit Contact
  3. Scroll down until you see entries for Ringtone and Text Tone. Emergency bypass, can be set for each. Tap either Ringtone or Text Tone. Select Rintone or Text Tone
  4. At the top of menu there is the Emergency Bypass option. Toggle it on for each desired method of contact. Enable Bypass