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Difference Between let and var

What's the difference between using let and var in JavaScript?


  • var - variables are scoped to the function body.
  • let - variables are scoped to the immediate enclosing block denoted by {}.
function run() {
var foo = "Foo";
let bar = "Bar";
console.log(foo, bar); // Foo Bar
var moo = "Mooo"
let baz = "Bazz";
console.log(moo, baz); // Mooo Bazz
console.log(moo); // Mooo
console.log(baz); // ReferenceError


In strict mode, var can be redeclared, while let will raise a SyntaxError.
'use strict';
var foo = "foo1";
var foo = "foo2"; // 'foo1' is replaced with 'foo2'.
let bar = "bar1";
let bar = "bar2"; // SyntaxError: Identifier 'bar' has already been declared


  • var - hoisted and initialized. Meaning they are accessible in their enclosing scope even before they are declared. Their value is undefined.
  • let - hoisted but not initialized until their definition is evaluated. Accessing them before the initialization results in a ReferenceError.
function varHoisting() {
console.log(foo); // undefined
var foo = "Foo";
console.log(foo); // Foo
function letHoisting() {
console.log(foo); // ReferenceError
let foo = "Foo";
console.log(foo); // Foo

Global Object Property

  • var - will create a property on the global object.
  • let - will not create a property on the global object.
var foo = "Foo"; // globally scoped
let bar = "Bar"; // globally scoped but not part of the global object
// in the browser
console.log(; // Foo
console.log(; // undefined
// in nodejs
console.log(; // Foo
console.log(; // undefined