The PagerTree Team

Loves mountain biking, surfing and traveling the world.
Austin Miller

Master of the Code

Loves being outside, running, and camping.
Kaleisha Miller

Customer Interfacing

Loves to make things beautiful, concerts, and experiencing different cultures.
Skye Leung

Graphic Designer

Who We Are

PagerTree was founded in early 2016 in the DFW Metroplex, since then we’ve moved to Sacramento, California. We value time spent with family, enjoying the outdoors, and dinners with friends, which are all better without being “on-call” continuously.


With an extensive industry background, the PagerTree team understands the importance of an efficient on-call management system. Our founders decided to develop¬†PagerTree on-call software to help others experiencing bad on-call management because they had experienced it themselves for years! After this first hand experience with excessive alerts and on-call confusion, our developers have the understanding and expertise to create an effective on-call management system, because on-call shouldn’t consume your life.

Things we like better than bad on-call management…