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PagerTree empowers teams to share oncall responsibility and respond faster when incidents occur.

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OnCall Scheduler

PagerTree makes oncall management easy. Our drag n' drop scheduler makes scheduling a breeze!
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OnCall Schedules

Easily create oncall schedules with our drag-n-drop scheduler.

Public Calendars

Choose to make your teams oncall schedule public, private, or password protected. Choose what to share and what to keep private.


Easily replace scheduled users for one-off events with the override functionality.

Reminder Notifications

Going oncall notifications remind everyone when they are going oncall.

Rotation Support

Automatically rotate users through a schedule with customizable frequencies.

Calendar Sync

Connect your oncall calendars to popular calendar services like Google, Outlook, and iCal (Mac).

Drag N' Drop
OnCall Calendar

Escalation Layers

Never miss a critical alert again!
Even if you are asleep...
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Escalation Policy

Add redundancy with escalations to ensure your oncall team is always covered

Configurable Layers

Improve coverage with unlimited escalation layers and configurable timeouts.

Repeating Alerts

Repeat alerts through your escalation layers up to three times.


Handoff alerts to another oncall team or user.


Multi-Channel Notifications

Get notified in the way that best suits you.
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Multi-Channel Alerts

Receive reliable notifications on every device. PagerTree supports push, email, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and Slack notifications.

Customizable preferences

Allow users to select the notification channels that suit them best.

Custom Notification Sounds

Change PagerTree notification sounds for a distinct oncall notification.

User Preferences
Custom Sounds
Oncall Dashboard
PagerTree App

Mobile App

Use PagerTree on desktop and mobile with our Android and Apple apps.
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Online Dashboard

Create schedules, send alerts, view reports, and manage oncall, all from PagerTree's web UI.

Mobile App

Download the Android or iPhone app to get alert notifications on your mobile device.

Online Dashboard
Mobile Apps
Push Notifications

WhatsApp Notifications

Fast, reliable, world-wide notifications.
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Global Reach

Reliably reach your teams in countries like South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and more.

Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed reliability where traditional reception isn't. Delivery and read receipts included.

Faster Response

Reach users on the messaging platform they already use. Respond faster with one-click button replies.

International Messaging
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Integrations + Documentation

Seamless integrations that work with your stack.
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Seamlessly integrate with tools including Twilio, Zendesk, Honeybadger, Slack, PRTG, and more.

Step By Step Instructions

Access our library of documentation to assist you in integrating PagerTree with your current tools.

Seamless Integrations
Great Documentation

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Securely authenticate with identity providers.
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Multiple SSO Providers

PagerTree uses SAML 2.0 to connect with identity providers like Azure, Okta, Google and many more...

Increased Security

Implement security policies at the identity provider level like password length and 2FA.

Fine Grain Control

Allow only certain users and/or groups to access PagerTree. Instantly revoke permissions if needed.

SAML 2.0
Increased Security
Seamless Sign-on
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Live Call Routing

Add real-time conversations to your support workflow!
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Intelligent Routing

PagerTree works with existing oncall schedules and escalation policies to route customer calls to the first available team member.

Connect to Live Agent

No need for extra apps or company phones, PagerTree routes directly to the user's personal phone.


Customize your live call experience with voicemails, multiple selection options, and hold music.

Call Routing
Reduced Cost

Bypass Do-Not-Disturb

Never miss a critical alert again!
Even if you are asleep...
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Do-Not-Disturb Bypass

Bypass do-not-disturb setting and mute switches on both Android and Apple phones.

Persistent Notification

Set persistent notifications for users to receive repeating push notifications.

Bypass Do-Not-Disturb
Super Loud
Critical Alert iPhone

Discover better oncall.

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Identify trends and improve performance with PagerTree reporting.
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User and Team Reports

Quickly view users' mean time to response (MTTR), time oncall, and other useful metrics.

Alert Reports

Identify alert volume and trending issues with alert reporting.

CSV Export

Export reports from PagerTree in CSV format to share with users and teams.

Actionable Data
Performance Insights
CSV Download

Alert Aggregation

Auto aggregate similar alerts.
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Aggregation & Deduplication

Group incoming alerts to reduce noise and enable teams to focus on the task at hand.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Reduce notification noise for similar alerts for less alert fatigue and more responsive teams.

Configurable Aggregation Timeouts

Customize aggregation periods between 15 minutes and 30 days.

Less Noise
Less Fatigue
Custom Timeouts

Routers and Notification Rules

Perform complex matching and actions on alerts based on router and notification rules.
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Intelligently Route Alerts

Route alerts to specific teams based on custom match conditions and routing rules.

Incident and Severity

Automatically mark alerts as incidents, add severity levels, and attach stakeholders with customizable actions.


Suppress alerts that do not require immediate resolution, prioritizing manpower.

Intelligent Routing
Alert Suppression
Custom Conditions & Logic

Maintenance Windows

Temporarily silence noisy integrations.
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Schedule maintenance windows in the future to prepare for known outages and maintenance, or quickly create maintenance windows while your teams work to resolve current issues.

Set Custom Windows

Create custom timeframes for maintenance windows, allowing automatic reenabling of affected integrations.

Planned Maintenance
Emergency Maintenance
Custom Timeframes
Automatic Restore
Broadcast Oncall


Notify teams with the click of a button.
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Mass User Notifications

Select the teams and/or users you want to reach. Broadcast to one user, every team, or anything in between.

Response Request

Use custom response options to collect responses from users.


Attach files to broadcast to users.

Reach Everyone
Get Feedback
Share Files

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  • Recurring Schedules
  • SMS, Voice & WhatsApp Notifications
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Rich features for large teams.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Live Call Routing
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