Bypass Do-Not-Disturb

Never miss a critical alert again!
Even if you are asleep...

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OnCall Availability

When you are oncall, it's essential to be alert and responsive to critical situations. PagerTree's real-time notifications and do-not-distrub bypass, partnered with other PagerTree features, ensure no matter the time or place, alerts can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Features include:


Effective Notification

PagerTree has the tools you need to ensure you never miss a critical alert. With multiple notification channels, persistent notifications, and do-not-disturb bypass teams never worry about missing alerts.

Bypass Do-Not-Disturb

Users can bypass their phone's do-not-disturb feature on both Android and iPhone, as well as the mute switch on iPhones. This allows them to receive critical push, SMS, and voice notifications at all times, ensuring that they won't miss any oncall alerts, even if they're asleep.

Persistent Notifications

The optional persistent notifications feature ensures you never worry about missing an oncall alert again. Get notified every 90 seconds until the alert is acknowledged.

Multi-Channel Notification

PagerTree supports multiple notification channels so users can receive notifications on the channels that fit them best. Receive alert notifications via push, email, SMS, and voice, giving you the peace of mind knowing you'll always get notified.


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