Live Call Routing

Directly connect incoming calls to live support.

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Connect Instantly

Live Call Routing improves how businesses handle incoming calls by seamlessly connecting callers to the appropriate oncall team member. This advanced feature ensures that every call is treated with the urgency and specificity it deserves, transforming customer support into a streamlined, efficient process. PagerTree's Live Call Routing has the features and customizations you need to fit your unique business needs.

Features include:

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Live Call Routing

Maintaining high service levels and responding quickly to customer requests has never been easier. With PagerTree's live call routing, your customers can have instant access to a support representative without the ugly overhead costs of 24/7 call centers or outsourced service. Meet service level agreements and keep your customers happy by providing live support with live call routing.

OnCall Routing

PagerTree's live call routing integrates seemlesly with your oncall schedule to ensure the right person gets the call every time. No more fighting with handing off the oncall phone, instead calls route directly to personal devices for seamless service.

Call Escalation

Your escalation policy works hand and hand with PagerTree's live call routing to escalate missed calls to the next available team member. All incoming calls will work through your policy, just like alerts, to ensure your team has every opportunity to answer.

24/7 Availability

PagerTree's live call routing works around the clock, paired with your oncall scheduler and escalation policy you can provide 24/7 live support to your customers.


Custom Solutions for Every Business

PagerTree understands that one size doesn't fit all in business. Our live call routing is built to adapt to any needs you may have, offering customizable options that fit your unique operational needs and scales with your growth.

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Customizable Routing

Set up routing configurations that align perfectly with your business requirements. Ensure efficient and effective call routing allowing customer to contact different teams with different caller options.

Customized User Experience

From start to finish, every aspect of a customer call can be customized to meet your needs. Give callers options for different teams, custom hold music, and even custom voicemails.

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