Maintenance Windows

Silence noisy integrations during known outages or maintenance periods.

Computer troubleshooting-pana.png

Reduce Unnecessary Noise

Scheduled and emergency maintenance are inevitable. When systems go down or are taken offline, they shouldn't affect your oncall teams or their ability to respond to issues. Whether scheduled or emergency maintenance, your oncall team needs to filter out unnecessary noise to keep manpower available for true outages and issues. Maintenance windows reduce noise, empowering your team to focus on what matters most.

Configurable Time Frames

Updating a portion of your system or a monitoring station? Are broken integrations causing a massive amount of alerts? Quickly deploy maintenance windows when integrations go down and preplan maintenance windows to correspond with known future outages.

Silence Multiple Integrations

Silence any or all of your integrations with the click of a button. Set specific durations, select one or all of your integrations, and deploy. Let PagerTree automatically re-enable affected integrations after your maintenance window.


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