Mass Notifications (Broadcasts)

Mass Notifications at the click of a button.

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Mass Notifications Systems

Mass notification systems are designed to send messages quickly and efficiently to a large audience across multiple communication channels. They are important for disseminating information during emergencies, system outages, or distributing time-sensitive information. Reach your users in real-time, improve operations, and improve communication during incidents with PagerTree's mass notification system, Broadcast.

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Reach Everyone Everywhere

Reach everyone, everywhere, without fail. Distribute vital information across a broad spectrum of channels with mass notifications. Whether it's an urgent emergency alert, critical business update, or system outage, your message is delivered promptly and reliably to all your users and stakeholders, regardless of their location or preferred communication method.


With the click of a button, send reliable real-time mass notifications, to everyone or specific individual users within your organization. Customize titles, messages, destinations, and more.

Multi-Channel Delivery

With multi-channel delivery, notifications are exchanged via push, email, SMS, and voice, giving you the flexibility and reliability needed to reach all your users in emergency situations.


Custom Mass Notifications

Broadcasts work for you in every situation. Whether sending notifications to specific leaders or sending mass notifications to the entire organization, customize every element to meet your needs.


Instant Scalability

Send targeted broadcasts to individuals and teams, or send mass notifications to every user in the organization.

Response Requests

Request responses from users when sending out mass notifications using the broadcast feature. Customize your response options on a case-by-case basis, view which users have and haven't responded, and see responses in an aggregated format.

File Upload/Sharing

Upload files to your broadcasts and send them to users in mass notifications. Users can view and download these files from the PagerTree app or WebUI.

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