Deutschland WhatsApp Notifications

Fast, secure, reliable notifications for your most critical oncall alerts.

Deutschland Notifications

Deutschland WhatsApp Notifications

Bring reliable oncall notifications to your team in Deutschland with PagerTree WhatsApp notifications. PagerTree is the only major oncall provider that supports oncall alert notifications via WhatsApp in Deutschland. Give your team the most reliable, effective, and efficient oncall experience from start to finish!

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Reliable and Effective Communication

Never miss an alert because notifications failed to send. With WhatsApp notifications, you can rely on PagerTree + WhatsApp to deliver your mission-critical alert notifications!

Notification Reliability

Receive reliable WiFi-based notifications even when cell reception is poor or non-existent. PagerTree + WhatsApp provides the most reliable oncall messaging application in Deutschland.

OnCall Accessibility

Receive your oncall notifications on any device that has the WhatsApp messaging service. This includes your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Android or even iPhone!

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Cost effective notifications Germany

Cost Effective Global Notifications

It's true, SMS and Voice Notifications can be terribly expensive in some parts of the world (for example in Deutschland, SMS is ~$0.094/segment). In order to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you, we impose fair usage limits.

WhatsApp notifications are a cost-effective, secure, and reliable alternative to SMS notifications.

SMS Alternative

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