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Paying too much to be woken up by a pager? See how PagerTree stacks up against the competition.


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Greater Value

PagerTree simply costs less and scales better. With transparent and simple pricing, you'll have exactly what you need, nothing you don't.

Simple & Reliable

Integrate your systems in as little as 5 minutes with an easy-to-understand oncall workflow. Never miss a critical alert, our SLAs guarantee it or your money back!

Premium Support

Got a question? With PagerTree, you'll get a response from our team in a matter of minutes not hours or days.

Cost Effective

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You simply get more with PagerTree

Elite PlanProfessional Plan
OnCall Schedules
Single Sign-On (SSO)
WhatsApp Notifications
Manually Create Alerts & Broadcasts
Unlimited Escalations
Realtime UI & Notifications
Search & Tagging
Advanced Routing
Stakeholder Notifications
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Migration Assistance

Let us help you make the move from PagerDuty to PagerTree.

Automatic User & Service Import

We can automatically import all your existing users and services from PagerDuty into PagerTree.

Integration Migration

We'll help you configure your systems to start sending events into PagerTree.

White Glove Onboarding

Dedicated onboarding with our engineers to make sure your migration is a success.

You're in great company.

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We gave PagerTree a shot years ago even though they were not a big player. They met all our needs and had SAML support and reasonable price. But the true value has come since then. They regularily treat seriously all our feedback. They have made 5+ improvements we asked for such as an OPTIONAL checkbox to make a public viewable calendar that is customizable to remove phone numbers. This saved us an extra manual process each week when working with our answering service. They are a great bunch and are in my top three of our 50+ vendors.

Eric Snyder - Senior Technical Consultant at Verus Corp

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