Escalation Policy

Improve oncall service, performance, and reliability with customizable escalation policies.

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Escalation Policies

PagerTree allows you to customize escalation policies to meet the needs of your business and customers while ensuring your teams are always covered. PagerTree's escalation policies work hand in hand with oncall schedules, ensuring alerts have every opportunity to be acknowledged, improving service, performance, and reliability.

Features include:

Basics of Escalation

PagerTree enables oncall teams to reduce response times and improve performance with powerful escalation features. Escalation layers provided redundancy to on-call calendars, ensuring alerts never fall through the cracks.

Unlimited Layers

PagerTree equips oncall teams with a default 3 layer escalation policy designed to get them up and running as soon as possible. Teams can add, remove, and customize layers to meet any business requirement.

Configurable Timeouts and Layers

Configurable layers allow for customizable timeouts and colors. Configure escalation policies on a team-by-team basis to fit the unique needs of any business.


Advanced Escalation Features

PagerTree's advanced escalation features are more than just tools; they are essential in ensuring oncall processes are customized to fit business needs. Ensure no alert goes unnoticed and every incident is escalated to the right person. Guarantee oncall reliability with repeating alerts, auto reassign, and handoffs.


Repeating Alerts

PagerTree's "Repeating Alert" feature allows teams to cycle alerts through escalation layers multiple times, providing teams with every opportunity they need to succeed.

Auto Reassign

PagerTree adds even more reliability to your oncall coverage with our "Alert Reassign" feature. Alerts can be auto reassigned in case teams are not able to respond.


Sometimes, alerts are outside the scope of the oncall team that acknowledged them. When this happens, PagerTree's allows users to "Handoff" alerts to the appropriate team.

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