Router and Notification Rules

Match, enrich, and route alerts with unparalleled power and flexibility.

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Dynamic Routers and Rules

Manage alerts and notifications efficiently with PagerTree's routers and notification rules. Leverage intelligent routing, unmatched flexibility, and alert enrichment to send alerts to the correct teams, improving service and reducing noise.

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Intelligent Routing

Ensure alerts and notifications are automatically directed to the correct teams and users utilizing your unique set of business rules. Route alerts and calls or silence unnecessary alerts based on time, context, and/or metadata.

Context Based Routing

Intelligently route alerts based on context. Use titles, descriptions, and metadata to determine the correct endpoint for every alert.

Alert Enrichment

Elevate urgency, heighten severity levels, attach stakeholders and modify tags, titles, and descriptions before alerts reach oncall teams.

Alert Aggregation and Suppression

Suppress or aggregate alerts based on different fields, logs, attributes, and sources with match condition rules.

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Unmatched Flexibility and Control

Adapt your system to support virtually any use case your team has with the flexibility and control of PagerTree's routers. Implement rules for complex situations, enrich incoming alerts, and perform match operations at every level.


Time of Day Routing

Dynamically route incoming alerts based on your time zone and time of day, or route to different regions with the follow-the-sun model to ensure alerts are received and handled promptly.

Unparalleled Power

Competitor's GUI and simple routing features fall short of meeting your production needs. Unleash your inner dev by fine-tuning and optimizing every part of your oncall system with PagerTree's unmatched alert routing tools.

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