Telecom Services with PagerTree

Ensure continuous operations and seamless communications with PagerTree.

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Stay Covered 24/7

Keep services running at all hours with 24/7 oncall coverage

OnCall Scheduling

Utilize our oncall scheduler to ensure you are always covered. Never forget you're going oncall with automatic "Going OnCall" reminders.

Escalation Layers

Improve coverage with unlimited escalation layers and configurable timeouts.

Bypass Do Not Disturb

Bypass the device's mute switch and do not disturb settings to ensure users never miss an alert.

Repeating Events

Repeat events daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule.

Rotation Support

Automatically rotate users through a schedule with customizable time frames.

Going OnCall Reminders
Do Not Disturb Bypass
24/7 Alerts
OnCall software

Improve Service Uptime

Notify. Acknowledge. Resolve.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with the network monitoring tools you already use for improved functionality like automated alerts.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications on every device at all hours with your choice of push, email, SMS and/or voice.

Customer Tickets

Get real-time requests with the form integration.

Automatic Alerts
Alert Preferences
Form Intergrations

Improved Internal IT Support

Improve your support and keep your teams running at 100%

Quick Integration

Seamlessly integrate your IT department's existing tools like PRTG, SolarWinds, and LogicMonitor.

Automatic Alerts

Utilize network integrations to automatically send alerts to oncall staff when parameters are met.

Instant Support

Add live call routing to your workflow for instant support.

Seamless Integrations
OnCall Alerts
Live Calls

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The tool works really well for us and is a critical part of our support processes.

John Rosen - CTO at P5 Infrastructure
Pagertree Live Call Routing

PagerTree Live Call Routing

Add real-time conversations to your support workflow!

Intelligent Routing

PagerTree works with your existing oncall schedules and escalation policies to route customer calls to the first available team member.

Connect to a Live Agent

No need for extra apps or company phones, PagerTree routes directly to the user's personal phone.


Customize your live call experience with voicemails, multiple selection options, and hold music.

Live Support
Reduce Costs

Identify Trends and Improve Performance

Stay on top of problems and performance with our oncall reporting.

User and Team Reports

Quickly view users' mean time to response (MTTR), time oncall, and other useful metrics.

Alert Reports

Identify alert volume and trending issues with alert reporting.

CSV Export

Export data from PagerTree to share with users and teams.

Actionable Data
Performance Insights
CSV Download

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The basics to get you started.

  • Up to 5 Users
  • OnCall Schedules
  • Push, Email, & Slack Notifications
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Ideal for growing teams.

  • Up to 25 Users
  • Recurring Schedules
  • SMS, Voice & WhatsApp Notifications
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Rich features for large teams.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Live Call Routing
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