Multi-Channel Notifications

Reliable notifications on every device every time.

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Notification Channels

When it comes to oncall, getting notified is the most critical part of the process. That is why PagerTree empowers users and teams to get reliable realtime notifications on all their devices through multiple channels. PagerTree enables users to customize their oncall experience to meet their preferences.

Features include:


Multi-Channel Alerts

PagerTree’s Multi-Channel alerts give businesses and teams the flexibility they need to perform their duties reliably. With push, email, SMS, and voice notifications all supported by PagerTree’s oncall solution, teams can worry less about missing notifications and worry more about the task at hand.

Push Notifications

Get instant notifications right to your personal device with the PagerTree app. Reliable realtime push notifications ensure alerts are handled promptly.

Email Notifications

Prefer a more encompassing notification? Receive email notifications for oncall alerts on any device that is linked to your email.

SMS Notifications

With SMS notifications, you can receive alerts the way you're used to (via text message), allowing you to quickly acknowledge the alert and start handling the problem.

Voice Notifications

Need a bit more noise with your notifications? Receive phone calls with voice notifications to help ensure you don't miss an alert.


User Customization

Customizing PagerTree’s service to work for you is an essential cornerstone of what makes PagerTree the go to oncall solution. One-size-fits-all solutions do not work for the average business. That is why we empower organizations and users to configure PagerTree’s on call platform to meet their needs.


Customizable Notification Channels

PagerTree lets users customize their notifications to meet their needs, allowing users to receive their notifications on the channels that suit them best. Receive notifications from just one, or any combination of channels.

Custom Notification Sounds

PagerTree's enables users to customize the sound of their oncall notifications, ensuring alerts are never just blown off as another notification.

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