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OnCall Scheduler

PagerTree's "OnCall Scheduler" simplifies the time-consuming process of managing oncall schedules and teams. By providing the tools to quickly and effectively create, maintain, and implement oncall schedules, PagerTree helps organizations of all sizes reduce administrative overhead, improve response times, and maintain high levels of service. PagerTree offers a suite of oncall scheduling features designed to streamline scheduling and maintain oncall availability.

Features include:

Easy Effective Scheduling

At the core of PagerTree's user-friendly and efficient oncall scheduling tool is the drag-n-drop tool that makes creating, maintaining, and implementing oncall schedules effortless. This intuitive tool allows managers and team leaders to quickly and visually create oncall schedules.

Drag-N-Drop Scheduler

With PagerTree's "Drag-and-Drop" calendar, oncall scheduling turns from a chore into a breeze. In just a few clicks, managers and team leads can have their oncall schedules done for the day, the week, or even the month. Creating oncall schedules shouldn't be a time-consuming process, that is why PagerTree has provided the tools to speed up your workflow, decrease time spent working on schedules, and increase oncall effectiveness.

PagerTree's advanced oncall scheduling features allow for even faster oncall scheduling and increased visibility.


Advanced Scheduling Tools

While efficient and effective, the drag-n-drop feature is only one of many oncall scheduling tools available to managers and team leads. To enhance your ability to create and maintain oncall schedules, PagerTree has implemented cloning, overriding, repeating, and rotation event features. These features by themselves are time savers, but combined, they become even more powerful time-saving tools.


Clone Event

PagerTree's "Clone Event" feature allows admins to effortlessly duplicate existing oncall events, including all related settings and assignments, with just a few clicks.

Override Event

PagerTree's "Override Event" feature provides a seamless way to replace scheduled users, ensuring that shifts are always covered without disrupting the overall schedule.

Repeating Event

PagerTree's "Repeat Event" feature allows admins to repeat the oncall event they are currently working on decreasing the time it would take to create multiple events.

Rotating Event

PagerTree's "Rotation Support" feature automates the process of rotating users through a schedule. The oncall rotation feature compliments the repeat event feature to build out weeks or months worth of oncall schedules with just a few clicks.

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Customizable Calendars

PagerTree empowers your teams to use the tools and resources they already know and love. Customize your oncall calendar to meet the needs of your business, employees, and customers. Share your oncall schedule with clients, internal teams, and even the public.

PagerTree's oncall calendar can be linked with popular calender services like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal, providing your team with the convenience of accessing their oncall schedules from the calendars they already use.

Public Calendars

Along with personal oncall calendars for users, PagerTree offers managers the ability to share oncall schedules publicly. When sharing oncall schedules, admins have the ability to decide what information to share, what information to keep private, and even protect the schedule with a password.


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