OnCall Reporting

Identify trends and improve performance.

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Reports, Metrics, and Performance

With PagerTree's reports, you can gain actionable insights into performance, pinpoint improvement areas, and identify trends. Straightforward reporting will help you make informed decisions to improve operations, setting your team and organization up for success.

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Actionable Reporting

PagerTree's reporting feature provides the essential tools for analyzing your team's work and making informed decisions based on real-world data. Reports allow you to see how your team is performing, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your operations to improve performance.

Improve Response Times

Improving response times starts with assessing your oncall process. PageTree provides insights into key user metrics like, Mean Time To Acknowledge (MTTA), total alerts created, number of acknowledged/rejected alerts, and more...

Track User Participation

PagerTree's reports show performance on both the team and individual level. Utilize this information to see which team members are taking on most of the on-call responsibility and help distribute workloads across the rest of the team.

Track Users Time OnCall

PagerTree tracks man-hours oncall for all users that go oncall. The user's time oncall report can be especially helpful in preventing burnout, spreading oncall responsibility, and paying employees for their time oncall.


Exportable Data

Businesses making data-driven decisions need the flexibility to efficiently view, analyze, and extract data to meet their unique needs. Export to CSV or use PagerTree's Open API to shape data to your reporting needs!

CSV Export

Easily download your organization's oncall data in a CSV format. Easily import your data into popular tools like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Open API

Connect PagerTree's Open API to connect your custom reporting dashboard, giving you control over what data is collected and how it is presented.


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