WhatsApp Notifications

Fast, secure, reliable notifications for your most critical oncall alerts.

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WhatsApp Notifications

PagerTree is the only major oncall provider that supports WhatsApp notifications. With 2 billion active monthly users, WhatsApp is the largest mobile messaging app globally, making WhatsApp messaging a must-have for your oncall team. WhatsApp messages are the go-to alert notification channel for many businesses across the globe, making their oncall more accessible and reliable.

Benefits of WhatsApp Notifications


Increased Accessibility

Enjoy a better oncall experience with WhatsApp oncall alert notifications. Improve international reach, increase oncall reliability, and improve your team's oncall experience with the messaging platform they already use. Stay connected and informed with WhatsApp oncall notifications.

OnCall Accessibility Everywhere

With WhatsApp notifications, you can reliably reach and notify your team members around the globe. WhatsApp notifications are a great alternative to SMS, which isn't always reliable or available.

Utilize the Platform Your Teams Use

With over 2 billion active monthly users, odds are your team members already use WhatsApp. PagerTree connects with your team where they already are.

Reach Teams Around the Globe

Reliably reach everyone on your team regardless of their country. WhatsApp oncall notifications are supported almost everywhere, including South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and many more!

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Improve OnCall

Receive reliable alert notifications on the channels, devices, and apps you want. Stay connected and informed with PagerTree's notifications and redundant notification providers.

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Notification Redundancy

Never miss an alert due to nondelivered notifications again! Choose any of or all six available notification channels, including WhatsApp, to ensure quick and reliable alert notification delivery.

Seamless Notification Rules

Make oncall work for you, by integrating WhatsApp notifications into your custom notification sequences.

Reliable Notification

Reduce response times with notifications from the most reliable messaging app, WhatsApp.

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