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PagerTree Live Call Routing


Today, we are excited to announce PagerTree now officially supports Live Call Routing! With Live Call Routing you can route incoming phone calls to the right person using your existing on-call schedules and escalation policies.

Live Call Routing

Live Call Routing Features:

  • Purchase and manage global phone numbers using Twilio
  • Route incoming phone calls to PagerTree teams with on-call schedules and escalation layers
  • Have the caller leave a voicemail if for some reason the on-call can’t answer
  • Customize “hold music” and “voicemail message”

Better yet, Live Call Routing can be configured to route to multiple teams. When configured to route to multiple teams, callers will be presented with team options. For example: “Press 1 for Devops, Press 2 for Network Operations, Press 3 for Security”.

Live Call Routing is available on our Elite pricing plan. To get setup, make sure to follow the integration guide.

I hope you can take advantage of this new feature and add real-time conversations to your support workflow!

– Austin

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