📣Public Team Calendars

Share a team’s on-call calendar with the rest of the world!

Today, we are excited to announce PagerTree has added support for public calendars! Public calendars allow you to share a team’s on-call calendar with the rest of the world.

Public Calendars are available on our Pro and Elite pricing plans. If you don’t already have an account, sign up for a free-trial now.

By default, all calendars are private, so to make use of this feature you must enable it.

Steps to Enable a Public Calendar

  1. Navigate to the Team Page you would like to share the schedule for.

  2. In the top information box, click the globe icon.

  3. Click confirm.

  4. Click your new public team calendar link.

Public Calendar Options

There’s a bounty of options to set including:

  • Password Protect? - Should this calendar require a password to access it?

  • Show User Emails? - Should we display user emails?

  • Show User Phones? - Should we display user phones?

  • Special Message - Show a special message at the top of the calendar?

  • and many more…

For details check out public calendar documentation.

Start taking advantage of this feature today!

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