What is a Stakeholder?

Stakeholders are groups of account users and email address who have "interest" in alerts, but might not necessarily need to be in an on-call rotation. Stakeholders are "attached" to alerts.


Applicable Notification Channels
Account Users
Any account user in your account. Useful if the stakeholder wants notifications on channels besides email.
push, email, sms, slack
Useful for distributions groups or emails of persons that are not part of your PagerTree account.

Interested Events

Stakeholders subscribe to a set of "interested events". Based on which events the stakeholder group is subscribed to determines when the stakeholder group will be notified of the alert it has been attached to.
Event Name
When an alert is assigned to a team.
When an alert is acknowledged by an account user.
When an alert is resolved by a user or an integration.
When an alert status is changed to dropped.

Attaching Stakeholders to an Alert

Manually via the alert form

Stakeholders can be manually attached to an alert via the alert form.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the alert form.
  2. 2.
    Click the Show advanced options button.
    show advanced options button
    Show Advanced Options Button
  3. 3.
    You can now select the stakeholders to attach to this alert.
    Select the stakeholders to attach to the alert.

Attached via Teams

Stakeholders can be attached to all alerts sent to a team. Add the stakeholders to a team via the stakeholder or team form.
assign alerts
Attach stakeholders to all alerts assigned to a team.

Attached via Routers

Stakeholders can be attached to alerts matching conditions using the stakeholder router action. Please see the router documentation for full details.