Resolve alerts faster by integration your favorite devops tools, including APM, error tracking, and monitoring tools.

Create an Integration

  1. Navigate to the integrations page.

  2. Click the New Integration Button.

  3. Click on the logo of the tool you wish to integrate.

Copy the Endpoint URL

Most integrations will send data to PagerTree via an "endpoint URL". You will need this endpoint for many integrations.

  1. On the integration page, in the top information box, find section labeled Endpoint.

  2. Click the clipboard icon, to copy the endpoint URL.

Generic Options

Title and Description Templates

Most integrations support customizing the alert title and description they create. Please see integration template documentation for full details.

Can't find your integration?

Two great generic options:

  1. Email Integration - The email integration is the most generic integration with most tools supporting sending emails for alerts and alarms.

  2. Webhook Integration - The webhook integration is also very flexible with most tools supporting sending webhooks. Your tool will need to be able to use a custom format so PagerTree can understand the data that is being sent.

If you cannot find a specific integration, please make a request to [email protected]. We can normally build an integration in 2-5 business days.

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