📣WhatsApp Notifications

PagerTree now supports WhatsApp notifications! Notify on-call users in any country about critical alerts and incidents.

PagerTree now supports WhatsApp notifications! Now, you can get notified about PagerTree alerts, incidents, broadcasts, and on-call reminders from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp notifications are a great alternative to SMS messages and are the preferred way of communication in many countries (e.g., Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, etc.).

WhatsApp Notifications are available on our Pro and Elite pricing plans. If you don't already have an account, sign up for a free trial now.

Notification Benefits


To enable WhatsApp notifications:

  1. Navigate to your user settings page.

  2. Ensure your WhatsApp-associated phone number is registered and verified in PagerTree.

  3. Check the Whatsapp notification channel box.

  4. Click Update.

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