Connect your Pulsetic monitors to PagerTree.

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1 minute

What is Pulsetic?

Pulsetic is a website uptime monitoring service that offers a user-friendly website monitoring tool.

How It Works

Pulsetic triggers alerts by monitoring website uptime and certificates.

  • When a monitor is offline (alert_type == "monitor_offline") in Pulsetic, an alert is created in PagerTree automatically.

  • When a monitor is online (alert_type == "monitor_online") In Pulsetic, the alert is resolved automatically in PagerTree.

  • When a check certificate is expiring soon (alert_type == "certificate_expires_soon") in Pulsetic, an alert is created in PagerTree automatically.

Integration Walkthrough

This integration tutorial will show you how to send alerts from Pulsetic into PagerTree. The estimated time for this integration is 1 minute. We assume that you already have a PagerTree and Pulsetic account setup. It is also assumed you have created at least 1 Pulsetic monitor. If you need more information on creating a new Pulsetic monitor, please see Pulsetic's documentation.

In PagerTree

  1. Create the integration by clicking the Pulsetic logo.

In Pusletic

  1. Click Menu -> Monitors

  2. Click on a monitor

  3. Click Alerts Tab -> Webhook

  4. Paste the PagerTree Endpoint URL you copied

  5. Click Save


You can test the integration by:

  1. Click "Send Offline Request" button (Create)

  2. Click "Send Online Request" button (Resolve)

  3. Click "Send Ssl Expires Soon Request" button (Create)

You have completed the Pulsetic Integration.

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