AWS CloudWatch

Connect your AWS CloudWatch alarms to PagerTree using our AWS CloudWatch Integration.

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15 minutes

What is AWS CloudWatch?

AWS CloudWatch provides monitoring for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the applications that run on AWS. CloudWatch metrics play a critical role in the monitoring of the applications running on AWS cloud. A CloudWatch alarm can watch a single metric over a specified time period and execute automated actions based on the value of the watched metric and given threshold.

How It Works

AWS CloudWatch triggers user defined alarms by watching metrics.

  • When an alarm is triggered (ALARM state) in AWS CloudWatch, an alert is created in PagerTree automatically.

  • When the alarm is closed (OK state) in AWS CloudWatch, the alert is resolved in PagerTree automatically.

Integration Walkthrough

In this integration tutorial we will show you how to send alarms from AWS CloudWatch to AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) into PagerTree. The estimated time for this integration is 15 minutes. We assume that you already have a PagerTree and AWS account setup.

In PagerTree

  1. Create the integration by clicking the Amazon Web Services logo.

In AWS SNS Console

  1. In the SNS Console, click “Create Topic”.

  2. Enter a Topic name (ex: “pagertree_integration”) and a Display name (ex: “pagertree”), then click “Create Topic”.

  3. Now that your topic has been created, click “Create Subscription”.

  4. Select HTTPS as the Protocol and paste the PagerTree Endpoint URL as the Endpoint. Ensure the "Enable raw message delivery" is disabled.

  5. Your subscription should be automatically confirmed. Click the refresh icon and ensure the Subscription ID is not PendingConfirmation.

In AWS EC2 Console

  1. Go to your EC2 Instances Console. Right click on the instance that you would like to monitor, and select CloudWatch Monitoring -> Add/Edit Alarms.

  2. Click Create Alarm.

  3. Select your new notification topic from the drop down menu, configure the settings that would like to trigger the alarm, and click “Create Alarm”.

  4. At this point you PagerTree will create an alert if the alarm fires. To configure auto-resolve click the Alarm Link in the dialog box.

  5. With the new alarm selected, click Actions -> Modify.

  6. In the Actions section of the Modify Alarm window, click “+ Notification”.

  7. Select the following values

    1. Whenever this alarm: State is OK

    2. Send notification to: your new notification topic

  8. Click “Save Changes”.

You have successfully completed the AWS Cloudwatch integration.

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