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Auvik Integration Guide

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Auvik Networks Inc. Auvik Networks Inc. 5 minutes One-Way view

Auvik Integration

Auvik is a cloud-based network monitoring & management software to automate complex network tasks.

How Auvik users benefit from PagerTree

Auvik triggers user defined alerts by monitoring network devices. PagerTree acts as the dispatcher for these alerts, determining the right people to notify based on on-call schedules. PagerTree notifies them via email, sms, voice, and/or push notifications until the alert is acknowledged or closed.

Functionality of Integration

The Auvik integration is one-way, meaning:

  • When an alert is triggered ('Triggered' state) in Auvik, an alert is created in PagerTree automatically.
  • When an alert is resolved ('Cleared' state) in Auvik, the alert is resolved in PagerTree automatically.

Tutorial Overview

In this integration tutorial we will show you how to send alerts from Auvik into PagerTree. The estimated time for this integration is 5 minutes. We assume that you already have a PagerTree and Auvik account setup.

In PagerTree

  1. From the integrations page, click the New Integration” button Click Create Integration Button
  2. Click the logo of the Type of integration you want to create
  3. In the “Create Integration” form, fill out the following:
    1. Name of the Integration.
    2. Select an appropriate Urgency for when this integration is triggered
    3. Select the Team this alert will be assigned to
    4. Any additional options requested by the integration
  4. Click Create
  5. Copy the Endpoint URL Copy Endpoint URL

In Auvik

Add Integration
  1. From the navigation menu Click Menu -> Integrations
  2. On the Integrations Page click “Add Integration” button Navigate to Integrations
  3. Select the Webhook as the integration type Select Webhook as the integration type
  4. In the Add Webhook Integration box
    1. Title your integration (ex: “PagerTree”)
    2. Paste the PagerTree Endpoint URL you copied for the Webhook URL Add Alert
  5. Click “Save”
Add Notification Channel
  1. From the navigation menu Click Menu -> Manage Alerts -> Notification Channels
  2. On the Notification Channels Page click “Add Notification Channel” button Navigate to Integrations
  3. In the Add Notification Channel box
    1. Name your notification channel (ex: “PagerTree”)
    2. Contact Method (1) - Webhook
    3. Contact Method (2) - PagerTree (what you titled your integration in step 4.1 above) Add Alert
  4. Click “Save”
Associate Notification Channel With Alerts

In this example we’ll show you how to create a new alert type for demo purposes, the important idea is to associate the notification channel with an alert.

  1. From the navigation menu Click Menu -> Manage Alerts -> Alerts
  2. On the Alerts Page click “Add Alert” button Navigate to Integrations
  3. Select the Collector as the alert type Select Collect as the alert type
  4. In the Add Collector Alert box fill in basic information, below is important information:
    1. Trigger Condition
      1. Condition - Auvik collector connection status
      2. is - equal to
      3. Value - Connected
    2. Notification Channels
      1. Select From Existing Channels
      2. Add PagerTree (Webhook) as a notification channel
      3. Email Frequency - Immediately Add Collector Alert
  5. Click “Save”

Note: After clicking save you should immediately get an alert in PagerTree from Auvik. If you receive more than one, you have received one per Auvik Site.

You have successfully completed the Auvik Integration. Now when Auvik creates an alert, PagerTree will create an alert and route it to the correct team member that is on-call. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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